Mountain Biking Sun Mountain

Last May we drove the Cascade Loop for the first time. I fell in love with the beauty of the Methow River Valley area, and couldn’t wait to return. In June, we reserved a campsite at the Winthrop KOA. Like other areas of Cascadia, there are a ton of outdoor activities in the area. The area has a ton of cross country skiing in the winter. For the weekend, our main activity was mountain biking.

The first stop was Sun Mountain. We parked at the Sun Mountain Lodge, and rode the Sunnyside trail to the Beaver Pond. We then made the trek up Thompson Ridge Road to We road down Meadowlark to Blue Jay, and then back to Meadowlark. We connected with Lower Inside Passage, and crossed Thompson Ridge Road to Criss-Cross to Yellow Jacket and back to Sunnyside. With breaks, the whole excursion took 2-3 hours.

I really enjoyed biking in the area, but I was exhausted by the end of it all. All along the mountain we were climbing, and descending so it was great workout.

Upper left –  view from Thompson Ridge Road; Upper right – Thompson Ridge Road; Lower left – Meadowlark trail; Lower Right – view on Blue Jay trai

IMG_4091 IMG_4092 IMG_4095 IMG_4102


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