West Fork Methow River Trail

See part 1 of my camping trip to the Methow Valley.

On day 2 of our weekend trip, we woke up and drove out to the trail head for the West Fork Methow River Trail. This is a 16 mile trail that follows the West Fork of the Methow River that connects to the Pacific Crest Trail.

We started along the trail, and came across a log bridge.  My husband has crossed logs as a hiker along the Wonderland Trail, but it was our first time crossing it with a bike. We talked for several minutes trying to figure out the best method for crossing it. Finally we determined this would be the best way.


(Side note: We saw a couple on the way back that flipped their bikes up and pushed them on one wheel. That way seemed more efficient.)

The trail was gorgeous. There is evidence from a wildfire not too long ago, but the brush has started to grow back. We didn’t do the whole trail, but enjoyed the portion that we did. It would be a nice trail for hiking too. I think next time we might consider camping at one of the national park campgrounds in the area.

IMG_4104 IMG_4107 IMG_4109

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