Vancouver Seawall

I spent four days in Vancouver over the 4th of July weekend. I took up my road bike, and used it to get around the city. I didn’t realize this before I went, but Vancouver is a great biking city. Not only is there a seawall around most of the city, there are designated bike friendly roads. I was in heaven. I fell deep in love with this seawall.

I biked the majority of the seawall, except for the section after Kitsilano Beach. The entire path is 13 miles long. I quickly learned that this isn’t the type of trail that you use to see how fast you can go. It’s great for seeing the city waterfront, and people watching.

Here is a map of the seawall. You can get the official version here.

Fullscreen capture 7212013 32437 PM

Coal Harbor

IMG_4129  IMG_4130

Sunset Beach Park

IMG_4156 IMG_4158


Near Kitsilano Beach


One evening we sat and watched the sunset on a beach off the seawall

IMG_4161 IMG_4167


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