Ranger Falls Hike

Last February I hiked up to Ranger Falls in the Mt. Rainer National Park.  We parked at the Carbon River entrance, and walked along an old park road for about three miles.  You then take the Green Lake trailhead, and walk up for about a mile. We didn’t continue onto Green Lake because it was pretty snowy. Round trip it was about 10 miles, most of it on flat ground. The trail was mostly bare, with some patches of snow.
Someday I hope we can go back and hike all the way up the lake. Another idea would be to mountain bike to the trail head, and then hike up to the lake.
While hiking to the falls, we were amazed at all the moss and greenery. I know we live in Washington, but sometimes I’m just amazed at how green it really is.
There were also some huge trees along the trail. In the two pictures below, my husband is standing on the middle part of a tree, and father-in-law is at the bottom of the same tree.
Here are some pictures of the falls. The boys brought their camera equipment and took some nice shots.

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