Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall

While camping at Kalaloch a few weekends ago, we visited most of the northern Washington Beaches. Rialto Beach is north of the Quillayute River from La Push. To get there, you drive from highway 101 to highway 110. Follow the signs to Mora Campground, and then continue onto the beach.

If you walk a mile and half to two miles (the WTA website says 2 miles, but the NPS says 1.5) north on the beach, you reach Hole-in-the-Wall. There are also tidal flats on low tide, sea stacks, and giant logs.  Camping is available along the beach.

We got there a little after low tide, but we were able to see some of the tidal pools.

View approaching Hole-in-the-Wall


Sea stacks


Tidal Pools








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