Sammamish River Trail

Last week, I wanted to take advantage of one of my last unscheduled days of the summer, so I decided to go on a bike ride. While researching which trail to do, I found a couple of interesting articles about local trails.  I learned that Sunset Magazine had recently rated the Sammamish River Trail as the best bike path in Washington.  I also read this Seattle Times piece on the paved trails of Washington.

When I first moved to this area, I attempted to ride the Sammamish River Trail, but it was way too crowded for my taste. But I decided to give it another try.

I drove up to Redmond, and I parked in Marymoor Park. I started along the trail and my plan was to ride up to Woodinville. I had never been to Woodinville, and I wanted to explore it with my bike. When I got to Wilmot Gateway Park, I left the trail and rode around the town. After exploring, I headed back to the park and ate my lunch.

After a rest, I was ready for more. I got back on my bike and continued up the trail. When I got near Bothell, I turned around and headed back to Marymoor.

I’m glad I was able to ride the trail on a random weekday, because it wasn’t crowded at all. Unlike many other paved trails in the area, there are very few street crossings. I enjoyed gliding along the pavement, without worrying about cars.






Find out more about the Sammamish River Trail here.


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