Biking around Lopez Island

Biking around Lopez Island in the San Juans is the thing to do. It’s flatter then the other islands, and with it’s size, biking around the island can be easily accomplished in one day. I’ve covered most of the island after two days of biking it.  What I like most about the island is the empty roads. The main roads can get busy, but you hardly see any cars if you stay on the side roads. I love exploring new places via bicycle. It’s such a different experience then riding in a car. You are going so much slower, and notice so much more about the landscape.

I’ve included some pictures from both of my biking trips to the island, and below is a map with highlighted roads I’ve been on.


1. Oldin County Park:  You can go to my post about this park here.

2. Lopez Village: The town center with restaurants, shops, and a Saturday farmers market.

IMG_4202-001 IMG_4203-001

3. Center Church: I love this church. It’s perched on the top of a hill overlooking rural farm lands. So picturesque!


 4. Shark Reef Sanctuary: A little hike out to a water viewpoint. There are even bike racks at the trail head!


5. Agate County Park: Beach park with picnic tables, and the best pit toilet you’ve ever seen (fresh flowers, and a rug included). This seemed like a common spot for bikers. There were a couple of groups stopping by while we were there.



6. Iceberg Point: You can bike down the road to the trail-head of this hike. After that point, the hike isn’t too far. This was a gorgeous viewpoint. There were a few rocks with seals sunbathing.


7. Sperry Peninsula: We saw this spot on the map, and thought it would be interesting to bike the area. As we approached the peninsula, we saw a sign that the whole parcel of land was private property.  When we got back to the campsite that night, I looked in my guide-book about it. What do you know, it’s Paul Allen’s property.



I love this island. I’d love to come camp here every summer. One place I haven’t been to is Spencer Spit State Park.


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