A Victorian fall

I just returned from a weekend trip up to Victoria, BC. I’ve been to Victoria a handful of times, but my visits always occurred during the summer months. We booked our trip back in August when a family owned timeshare had a special on the resort. We took the Victoria Clipper from Seattle on Saturday morning and we returned Monday night. Our hotel was about a five-minute walk from the ferry docks on the harbor near Fisherman’s Wharf.

We were incredibly lucky to have the sun out all weekend. Although I loved Victoria before the trip, I had no idea how amazing fall is. First of all, the city is way less crowded. Many of the tourist type activities were closing down ย though like the water taxis and restaurants at Fisherman’s Wharf. But other than that, it is a perfect time to visit.

Fall foliage



The ivy on the Empress Hotel was bright red



I’ll be adding a few more posts about different activities that we did. Almost all of the trips I blog about, I come home with the desire to do the exact same trip the following year. I sure love this part of the world.


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