Day-trip Victoria Activities

There are so many different activities and attractions in Victoria, BC . Some activities require more time and travel, like Butchart Gardens for example. On our most recent trip, we visited many attractions that can easily be visited on a day-trip up to the city.

Walk around Chinatown.

Victoria’s Chinatown is small compared to other major cities, however it is the oldest in Canada (and 2nd oldest behind San Francisco). Common tourist attractions are Fan Tan Alley and the ornate gate, (The Gate of Harmonious Interest).


Fan Tan Alley


The Gate of Harmonious Interest.


Walking around the harbor

Often there are a lot of cool boats docked along the harbor. During the peak tourist season, you can take a harbor tour. We took the Gorge Cruise, which was really interesting. During the summer, the company also has a water taxi service with late night pub crawls, and a boat ballet.


Moped Rentals

We rented mopeds, and drove up the coast. It was such a fun way to see more of Victoria and Vancouver Island. Since we were traveling off-peak season, traffic was really light. We drove up to Oak Bay Park. I would highly recommend this as a way to see more of this beautiful area.



Fisherman’s Wharf

This is a little water village that’s about a 15 minute walk from downtown. You can also take a water taxi to get there.  The restaurants are open mostly during the summer months,. You can also watch as fishing vessels come in with the day’s catch.



For more information visit Tourism Victoria


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