Road biking on San Juan Island

One way to make a visit to the San Juan islands more affordable is to take your bike instead of your car. A few summers ago, my husband and I rode the ferry, and explored San Juan Island on our road bikes. We had lunch in Friday Harbor, and walked around a little bit before taking off. We rode south on the island, and ended up at Cattle Point. Here are some of the stops we made along the way.

We visited the American camp from the boundary dispute between the U.S. and the British located on the island.
While riding though  the park, we noticed there was a red fox up ahead. We watched it for a few moments and then noticed another one coming up behind us. Then both foxes started walking toward us. After walking by, they sat down near us. I think they wanted food.
 This is south beach. You can see land in the distance and we rode out to that point.
Here is a view of South Beach from the hillside. This was my favorite part of the ride because the road hugged the coastline. It was so beautiful.

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