Chelan Lakeshore Trail

On the first Friday of June, we packed up our backpacking gear after work and drove 3 hours up to Lake Chelan. We stayed the night at 25 Mile Creek State Park, and caught the Lady of the Lake at Fields Point on Saturday morning. The Lady of the Lake is a ferry service that has been taking passengers up to the remote community of Stehekin for many years. The boat makes a few stops before landing in the north part of Lake Chelan. The total trip takes about three hours. We cut off the first hour by catching it at Fields Point.

One of the stops is Prince Creek, which is the starting point to the 17 mile Lake Chelan trail. This was our first time up to Stehekin, so we didn’t want to spend our whole weekend hiking there. Instead. we got off at Moore Point, and we were able to hike the last 7 miles of the trail.

This was probably one of the most beautiful trails I’ve been on. There were views of the mountains and lakes around every corner. The trail was mostly flat, but it felt a lot harder while hiking in the direct sun. There isn’t a lot of shade on this trail, so this is definitely a spring and fall hike.

Next spring, I’ll be hiking the full 17 miles.

stehekin (1 of 1)-3

stehekin (1 of 1)

stehekin (1 of 1)-2

stehekin (1 of 1)-19

stehekin (1 of 1)-20

stehekin (1 of 1)-4

More Information:

WTA – Chelan Lakeshore Trail 

NPS – Stehekin Information 


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