Dungeness Spit Hike

Dungeness Spit is a 5.5 mile long sand spit in the Strait of Juan de Fuca  near Sequim, Washington. It’s the longest natural sand spit in the United States. It is located within the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge.

At the tip of the spit is a lighthouse that was once operated by the U.S. Coast Guard. Now a group of dedicated volunteers from the New Dungeness Lighthouse Organization work as keepers of the lighthouse and the grounds.

  To get to the sand spit, you park at the Dugeness Wildlife Refuge park. You have to pay $3 for a day pass. There is a nice half mile paved trail with colorful signs down to the beach.

The hike is much easier on a low tide. The tide does not cover up the spit, but you will have more room when the tide is low. I picked a day with a low tide at -1.2. I started about an hour before the low tide. I’m typically an early morning hiker but I left later than I planned. I’m actually glad I didn’t leave earlier because there was a still a fog bank over the water when I arrived.

I started the hike with fog covering the spit. I couldn’t really see very far ahead or behind me. About a half hour later, I could see the fog disappearing and the sun shinning through. Then I looked behind me and all the sudden I could see the Olympic Mountains. By the time I reached the lighthouse, the sky was clear and the views were gorgeous.

You can rent out the house at the lighthouse for $350 a week per person. You can stay there but you have to help mow the lawn, clean the brass, and lead lighthouse tours.

The foggy start to my hike


The fog clearing out



The view at the top of the lighthouse overlooking the sand spit




Leaving serenity behind



The view of the spit from the main trail


It was a really pretty hike. I was walked pretty quickly and got to the lighthouse within an hour and a half. With a rest and a tour at the lighthouse, the total trip was four hours.

More information

WTA – Dungeness Spit Hike

New Dungeness Lighthouse Organization

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge 


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