Seaside, Oregon

Earlier this summer I spent a week at Seaside, Oregon for a family reunion.  We stayed at the Worldmark condo resort which was right on the beach.  The sun was out, and summer was in full swing there. I have many good memories of Seaside as a child because we used to camp at nearby Fort Stevens State Park.

The town of Seaside definitely has a coastal vibe, similar to southern California.  I spent a lot of time walking or biking the prom, and relaxing on the beach. I also visited the aquarium, rented a surrey, and shopped in downtown. Besides beach lounging and swimming at the hotel pool,  there isn’t a lot to do in Seaside. But really, what else do you want to do on vacation?

Turnaround with the Lewis and Clark statue

stehekin (1 of 1)-46

The prom

stehekin (1 of 1)-47

Downtown Seaside

stehekin (1 of 1)-48

stehekin (1 of 1)-49


stehekin (1 of 1)-50

Some of the family and our surrey

stehekin (1 of 1)-51

The beach

stehekin (1 of 1)-54

stehekin (1 of 1)-55

On the last night, we bought some firewood and had a bonfire on the beach. The sunset was gorgeous and it was a beautiful night.

stehekin (1 of 1)-52

stehekin (1 of 1)-53

Stay tuned for some more posts about my hiking adventures and a few other places I visited.


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