Tillamook Head Hike

Tillamook Head is a buff just south of Seaside. It’s the land visible from the beach as seen in the picture below.

stehekin (1 of 1)-55

While staying at Fort Clatsop, Clark hiked over the ridge to see a beached whale that was near the current day Ecola State Park. They bartered with members from the Tillamook tribe for some blubber. At a point along his journey he said this about the view, “…the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed, in front of a boundless Ocean…”.

There is a trail that stretches across the whole Tilamook head. We decided to start from Indian Beach at Ecola State Park. From there, you can follow a 1.5 mile trail along the coast that leads to a view of the lighthouse. The reports that I read warned of muddy trails, and it was pretty muddy at some points. The trail was really pretty with lush green forests. It wasn’t that crowed either, and we only saw one other group. Although it was a week day.

View of Indian Beach

Seaside (1 of 1)

Seaside (1 of 1)-2

Seaside (1 of 1)-3

On the way to the lighthouse viewpoint, you pass a few hiker cabins and some old bunkers.

Seaside (1 of 1)-5

Seaside (1 of 1)-7

View of the lighthouse

Seaside (1 of 1)-6

We took the inland trail back, which was much faster and the whole thing was gravel. It was a great short hike for a group. We really enjoyed the views of the beautiful coastline.

More information:

Oregonhiking.com trail guide

Portlandhikers.org guide


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