Tolmie Peak Lookout Hike

The Tolmie Peak fire lookout was built in 1933 during the Great Depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The lookout sits on the top of Tolmie Peak with amazing views of Mount Rainier, Eunice Lake., and the surrounding areas.

The trail is located in the Carbon River Entrance of the Mount Rainier National Park. Take the gravel road toward Mowich Lake and the trail head is on the left side of the road on the north side of Mowich Lake.

From there you walk along Mowich Lake and then descend into a forest. There is an uphill climb to Eunice Lake. You’ll pass through a meadow of wildflowers. In mid July, there were still a ton of wildflowers along the trail (and bugs!). Once you reach Eunice Lake, you walk on flat ground before the final mile-long incline up to Tolmie Peak. It’s a grind but so worth the effort! The hike is 6.5 miles total and has a 1010 feet of elevation gain.

tolmie peak-2

tolmie peak-3

tolmie peak-5

tolmie peak-6

tolmie peak-7

More Information

National Park Service trail information


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