Snoqualmie River Float

When I was living in Issaquah, one of my favorite summer activities was to float down the Snoqualmie River. This is a really popular weekend activity, so expect people…lots of people.


The take out point is at the Fall City Community Park. You’ll need to park a car there, and then drive up to the launch points.


I typically start at the Plum #1 River Access point. This is the first access point for people in tubes. Just a little down river is the Plum Boat Launch which is another great place to start. Basically just start where you can find parking.  You can also get a ride to the launch point from the Fall City Floating. If you want a ride from them, bring some money and meet them at their trailer in the parking lot of the Fall City Community Park.


Once you launch, you just relax and enjoy your 3 mile float. There are a few spots that you’ll need to maneuver your tube to one side of the river. Many people stop along the way to hang out at a beach or jump off a giant log.


Once you pass by the bridge to Fall City, you’ll make your way over to the Fall City Community Park to get your car. You’ll see signs and all the people getting out here so it’s not hard to miss.

Based on my experiences completing this float, here are a few tips:

  1. Bring food and water. Depending on the water level, this float can take 2.5-4 hours. You’ll get hungry and thirsty in that amount of time.
  2. Just embrace the crowds. Once you get on the river, it won’t feel that crowed.
  3. Be careful around the tree branches. If you get pushed into the side of the river, you may end up getting a hole in your tube and you have to climb onto your husband’s tube for the last part of the float.
  4. Pick up your trash and pick up other people’s trash when you see it. Let’s do our best to keep this river clean.



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