Dosewallips State Park

Located near Brinnon, Washington on the Hood Canal, Dosewallips State Park has lots of options for marine related activities. The Dosewallips River runs through the park, and there is a large stretch of Hood Canal beach.

To access the beach, take the road that is just north of the Dosewallips River. You drive past a field and there is a parking lot. You walk through a lovely forest and then you reach the grasslands at the river mouth. There is a great viewing platform. I saw a group of Elk just relaxing and eating while I was up there.

The beach is massive on a lowtide. and it is is a popular clamming spot. You can view the base of the Olympic Mountains from the beach. It’s a gorgeous spot, I can see why it’s a popular camping destination. There are even a few spots reserved for those traveling by kayak or canoe on the Cascadia Marine Trail.


More Information

WA State Parks Dosewallips State Info


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