Whislter, BC

When I was in middle school (about 15 years ago), my parents and I went up to Whistler, BC for a weekend. They bought a timeshare, and neither of us have returned since. Initially, my husband and I originally planned on bringing our mountain bikes up. But as I was doing research about mountain biking in the area, I got a little intimidated by the Whistler Bike Park. … Continue reading Whislter, BC

Lynn Canyon Park & Suspension Bridge

One popular attraction near Vancouver, BC is the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  It’s probably really cool, but in general I tent to avoid these kinds of tourist attractions. I  just checked the website, and the cost for an adult to cross the bridge  is currently $31.95. Yet there is another suspension bridge in the same area, that’s free! Lynn Canyon Park is a 670 acre park … Continue reading Lynn Canyon Park & Suspension Bridge

Granville Island Market

One of my favorite places in the city of Vancouver, BC is Granville Island. Which isn’t really an island. It’s basically a peninsula across False Creek from downtown. Originally it was called “Industrial Island” but because it is located under the Granville Street bridge, the name Granville become more popular. Whenever I visit, I always have stop by Granville Island Tea Company for some freshly steeped … Continue reading Granville Island Market

Day-trip Victoria Activities

There are so many different activities and attractions in Victoria, BC . Some activities require more time and travel, like Butchart Gardens for example. On our most recent trip, we visited many attractions that can easily be visited on a day-trip up to the city. Walk around Chinatown. Victoria’s Chinatown is small compared to other major cities, however it is the oldest in Canada (and … Continue reading Day-trip Victoria Activities

A Victorian fall

I just returned from a weekend trip up to Victoria, BC. I’ve been to Victoria a handful of times, but my visits always occurred during the summer months. We booked our trip back in August when a family owned timeshare had a special on the resort. We took the Victoria Clipper from Seattle on Saturday morning and we returned Monday night. Our hotel was about … Continue reading A Victorian fall