Lake Crescent

The beautiful Lake Crescent is about 18 miles west of Port Angeles within the Olympic National Park. This pristine lake was created from landslide around 7,000 years ago. There are many recreational activities at Lake Crescent. You can choose from many hikes (including a lakeside trail), camping, boating, or enjoy a paddle on a kayak or canoe. The Lake Crescent lodge has boat rentals (check their … Continue reading Lake Crescent

Lake Chelan State Park

Most of Washington’s state parks are pretty great. The parks are located in some of the most beautiful areas in Washington. If I were to rate the parks on a scale of 1-10, Lake Chelan would most definitely be a 10. You can get a campsite on a gorgeous lake, and park your boat on a nearby dock. What else can you ask for? Okay, okay. Maybe … Continue reading Lake Chelan State Park

Exploring northern Lake Chelan

Ever since my first visit to Stehekin (the town on the north end of Lake Chelan), I’ve been wanting to explore the remote campsites along the lake. Luckily, I have family members who own boats, and said family members sometimes take us out on their boats. Back in May, we took a quick weekend trip over to Chelan. One day, we explored the entire lake by … Continue reading Exploring northern Lake Chelan

Alta Lake State Park

Back in June, we took a camping trip to Alta Lake State Park.  This was my first time at Alta Lake, and what a little gem it is. It’s in a great location (about 30 minutes from Chelan), and it’s really pretty. The campground was also really nice. There were a lot of trees which provided a lot of shade throughout the day.  We were … Continue reading Alta Lake State Park

Stehekin, Washington

Stehekin is a remote community on the top of Lake Chelan. It is only accessible by boat, plane, or by hiking over Cascade Pass. There are 22 miles of roads around Stehekin, but there is no road that leads to the area. Most of the visitors get to the town by taking the Lady of the Lake ferry-boat. It’s about a 3 hour journey from the … Continue reading Stehekin, Washington

A Victorian fall

I just returned from a weekend trip up to Victoria, BC. I’ve been to Victoria a handful of times, but my visits always occurred during the summer months. We booked our trip back in August when a family owned timeshare had a special on the resort. We took the Victoria Clipper from Seattle on Saturday morning and we returned Monday night. Our hotel was about … Continue reading A Victorian fall

Lake Wenatchee Camping

We kicked summer off with camping at Lake Wenatchee. I’m currently infatuated with this area, and this portion of the Cascade Loop. I was born and raised in Washington State, but continue to find new areas to fall in love with. We booked a site at Lake Wenatchee State Park a few months ago. We stayed in the North Campground. It’s farther away from the main beach, but … Continue reading Lake Wenatchee Camping