Art in Ilwaco, Washington

Established in 1876, the community of Ilwaco, Washington has served as a port for fishing along the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. The town also hosts many festivals and has a great boardwalk along the marina. There are several art galleries that are right off of the marina. I visited the area last summer while I was staying at Fort Columbia State Park. Any … Continue reading Art in Ilwaco, Washington

Lake Crescent

The beautiful Lake Crescent is about 18 miles west of Port Angeles within the Olympic National Park. This pristine lake was created from landslide around 7,000 years ago. There are many recreational activities at Lake Crescent. You can choose from many hikes (including a lakeside trail), camping, boating, or enjoy a paddle on a kayak or canoe. The Lake Crescent lodge has boat rentals (check their … Continue reading Lake Crescent

Echo Ridge Mountain Biking

About 30 minutes from the town of Chelan, Washington is a Nordic ski area called Echo Ridge. During the summer months, the ski area becomes a great place to mountain bike or hike. The higher elevation ridge provides some relief from the hot summer temperatures of Lake Chelan. The 30 miles of mountain bike trails have views of wildflowers, Lake Chelan, and the Columbia River … Continue reading Echo Ridge Mountain Biking

Glacier Basin Hike

The Glacier Basin Trail is located within the White River Campground at the Sunrise entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. At one point, the trail was an old mining road, and it is pretty wide at times. Along the trail, there are many beautiful waterfalls and it was full of wildflowers. The trail gradually inclines up to the Glacier Basin Camp and just past the … Continue reading Glacier Basin Hike

Johnston Ridge Observatory at Mount St. Helens

Click here to see my previous post about some of the things to do as you drive out to the Johnston Ridge Observatory.  The Johnston Ridge Observatory sits just five miles away from the base of Mount St. Helens. This is a fee area, so plan to bring your wallet or your National Park Pass. The observatory has amazing views of the mountain and the … Continue reading Johnston Ridge Observatory at Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens was the most disastrous volcanic eruption in U.S. History. Fifty-seven people lost their lives, hundreds of homes were destroyed, bridges were moved, and miles of railway and highway were torn up. Ash blew all over the Pacific Northwest and as far as the Mideast. The MSH Natonal Volcanic Monument opened two years after the eruption for research, recreation, … Continue reading Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Tolmie Peak Lookout Hike

The Tolmie Peak fire lookout was built in 1933 during the Great Depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The lookout sits on the top of Tolmie Peak with amazing views of Mount Rainier, Eunice Lake., and the surrounding areas. The trail is located in the Carbon River Entrance of the Mount Rainier National Park. Take the gravel road toward Mowich Lake and the trail head … Continue reading Tolmie Peak Lookout Hike

Fort Columbia State Park

Located along the Columbia River is the Historic Fort Columbia State Park. It is one of the most intact coastal military defense site in the United States, and is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Construction started in the late 1800’s and it was remodeled and used during World War II. The 617 acre park may be smaller than some of the other Washington forts … Continue reading Fort Columbia State Park

Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve

Located outside of Little Rock, Washington is a prairie of natural dome-like hills called Mima mounds. The origin of these mounds is still a bit of a mystery. Some speculate large gophers created these hills, others think they were formed from wind blown sentiments. Mima mounds are found in various states west of the Mississippi River. The Mima Mounds Natural Area in Thurston County is … Continue reading Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve