Snowshoeing at Paradise

Have you ever tried a new activity and quickly wondered why you have gone your whole life without that activity?

That’s exactly how I felt the first time I went snowshoeing.

In the PNW, we’ve had an awesome winter. (Although, it’s not so great for snow, which is unfortunate since I’m finally at a point in life where I can afford to ski.) One Saturday in January, my husband and I woke up and checked the webcam at Paradise on Mount Rainier. There were clear blue skies despite the low land fog.  We didn’t have snowshoes and we were not sure if we could rent some there. As we neared the park, we drove past a sign that advertised snowshoe rentals. About $30 later, and an hour later we made it to the parking lot.

We didn’t exactly know where to go, but there were tons of people snowshoeing up the mountain so we followed everyone up. There didn’t appear to be any signs so we really have no idea how far we went or what trail we were on. (Not very helpful am I?)

The views were amazing, and I was once again in awe at the beauty of the mountain. I love this state!

snowshoe (1 of 1)

snowshoe (1 of 1)-3

snowshoe (1 of 1)-2

snowshoe (1 of 1)-4

P.S. When it’s sunny with highs in the 40’s, you really don’t need to wear tons of layers or snow gear. Unless of course, you want to sweat a lot.

Issaquah Fish Hatchery

Time to play hometown tourist here.

One of the gems of Issaquah is the fish hatchery. How many fish hatcheries do you find right in the middle of a town? Not too many.

Each year Coho and Chinook Salmon return to the hatchery from early September through October. They swim from the ocean into the Puget Sound, then through three lakes (Union, Washington, and Sammamish), and up Issaquah Creek.

Because I live just down the street from the hatchery, I come visit often. It’s free, and you can take yourself through a self-guided tour.

The first weekend of October is the annual festival, Salmon Days. I have a special place in my heart for community festivals. It’s a fun time to visit the town but the hatchery is really crowded, I would suggest a week night visit if possible.

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